Uciana 24 MOD (full version) Android

Uciana 24 MOD (full version) Android
App nameUciana
Platform4.2 and up
Latest Modfull version
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Uciana is a very impressive strategy for game features in a space setting in the far future. Gamers are given a good chance to become rich. But for this, you have to take a chance and take part in some adventures that can end in a full-fledged clash. Players will do much more: increase production, place spells at shipyards, explore planets, fight pirate attacks, conduct scientific research, meet aliens, and more. The high quality performance of the smallest details of gameplay can appeal to this kind of game lovers.

Uciana is an exciting turn-based strategy game in a space setting with huge skills, races and diverse planets. All players can try themselves as the commander of one of the aircraft. Authentic Empire. You need to develop individual points and blocks, hire warriors, improve ships, and engage in battle.

Learn skills, grow plants, build buildings and train warriors. The game will unfold as it will unfold in space, other planets and the most distant parts of the universe. The most interesting thing in strategy is combat, and you can go into step-by-step mode, allowing players to control each individual character and ship. Think about tactical decisions and difficult moves, attack from unexpected sides, and don’t give your enemies a chance to win.

Winning battles and seizing the enemy’s territory will provide valuable currency, as well as resources useful for building and developing skills. The more powerful the ship, the more enemies you can defeat and the more resources and military bases you can dispose of.

Build your own space flight empire in this true 4X mobile game. Spread the empire to the stars and discover new skills, other alien races, isolated ships and more. Galactic maps and star systems are procedurally generated, so you’ll discover something new for every game.

Depending on the galaxy’s situation, you need to decide how to manage Empire’s resources between research, agriculture and production. Are you focusing on building your current system with more buildings, star ports or defenses? Or are you continuing to expand buildings instead of fleets to defend your growing empire?

Uciana features detailed turn-to-ship battles. Various weapons, defenses and other components can be used to customize the load on each ship. You have to use good strategies and plans to get the most out of your opponents in battle, this game has been our dream for years. In the coming months, we will improve gameplay through adding content, balancing, improving AI, and more.

What's new?

Updated the create game screen.

Add in an option to disable diplomacy. Each of the empires will be at war with each other for the whole game.

Added in the ability to save and load games from the shared storage.
This feature will require permission WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE.
Here is where this save is located: /storage/emulated/0/uciana/save

Bug fixes

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Uciana - APK Version: 24 20-03-2020

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